Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule & Latest Ticket Price 2022

Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule & Latest Ticket Price 2022. Bangladesh Railway is one of the largest government companies in Bangladesh. It is managed by the Ministry of Railways, Bangladesh. There are two types of locomotives in Bangladesh Railway. These are meter gauge and broad gauge diesel locomotives. Get information about Bangladesh Railway schedule and ticket price here. Bangladesh Railway is a government owned company. And it operated 44 intercity trains and 56 mail / express trains. Bangladesh Railway has recently updated the schedule of all intercity and mail express trains. These are available on the official website of Bangladesh Railway.

Bangladesh Railway train schedule, ticket booking price details here. The most comfortable way to travel by train. Every day a huge number of people travel by train. The train is a comfortable way to travel as well as a low cost way. So people go from here to there looking for train tickets. But people miss the train because they do not know the train schedule. Our country strives to strictly maintain the highest train schedule. Today we will write about the train schedule as well as the ticket price. So, let’s not know about the time and fare of Bangladesh Railway. The schedule of Bangladesh Railway train and the price of Bangladesh Railway ticket are given as per the official announcement of Railways.

Bangladesh Railway Train

A rail ride is the most popular and comfortable ride compared to other modes of transport. The first reason behind the popularity, it is traffic free transportation. But there is a problem when any event comes here. Railway authorities are struggling to cope with the extra passengers. There is a chance to miss the train ticket. To solve this problem, you can purchase tickets ten days before the date of travel. To help you, today I am going to describe all the information about the schedule of all the routes of Bangladesh Railway train.

Bangladesh Railways is now providing more modern services. They have a lot of online based services. Users can collect any type of information or buy train tickets from their official website or mobile app. You can also check the train schedule of Bangladesh Railway from the travel app and website. Some private companies like Robi, Grameenphone have been working with Bangladesh Railway since launching their services. Now, users can easily pay for tickets to these mobile operators. Not only that, one of the most popular and trusted payment gateway development options is to buy train tickets from the bKash mobile app.

Bangladesh Railway Eastern Train Schedule 2022

Eastern Side Route is a busy train route in Bangladesh. Easter routes are mainly on Dhaka, Chittagong, Noakhali, Chandpur, Dinajpur, Dewangang, Sylhet, Rangpur, Tarakandi, Kishoreganj, Bangabandhu Bridge East, Lalmonirhat, Santahar, Ishurdi, Mohanganj routes. Lots of trains come on these routes every day. Due to the busy route, passengers have to buy tickets a few days before the date of departure. In this case, there is an option to buy a train ticket at home on the railways. Travelers can easily buy tickets from the official website of Railways or the “Rail Shiva” mobile application. To buy tickets, see Eastern train schedule below.


Bangladesh Railway Train Table 2022

If you want to travel by train anywhere in Bangladesh, then you need to know the train schedule of Bangladesh Railway. To help you, we have included here all the train schedules in Bangladesh. From the table below you will find different train schedules as well as off day, departure times and train arrival times. Bangladesh Railway has an official website. Apparently, they provide information about the schedule and train tickets of Bangladesh Railway. But that may seem incomplete or difficult to understand. So, we’re working so hard to make things easier for you. Here you will find all the detailed information about the schedule of Bangladesh Railway.

Metre Gauge & Dual Gauge Train Schedule

The following train schedule is for the eastern part of Bangladesh. From here you will get train schedule for Dhaka, Chittagong, Dinajpur, Dewangang, Sylhet, Noakhali, Chandpur, Tarakandi, Kishoreganj, Bangabandhu Bridge East, Lalmonirhat, Santahar, Rangpur, Ishurdi, Mohanganj.

Train Name ( No) From- To Departure Arrival
Subarna Express (701) Chittagong -Dhaka 6:40 13:00
Subarna Express (702) Dhaka -Chittagong 15:00 21:45
Mohanagar Goduli (703) Chittagong -Dhaka 15:00 22:10
Mohanagar Provati (704) Dhaka -Chittagong 7:40 15:15
Ekota Express (705) Dhaka -Dinajpur 10:00 19:40
Ekota Express (706) Dinajpur -Dhaka 21:20 7:15
Tista Express (707) Dhaka -Dewangong 7:20 12:55
Tista Express (708) Dewangong -Dhaka 15:00 20:40
Parabat  Express (709) Dhaka -Sylhet 6:40 13:35
Parabat  Express (710) Sylhet -Dhaka 15:00 22:30
Upukol Express (711) Noakhali -Dhaka 6:20 12:40
Upukol Express (712) Dhaka -Noakhali 16:20 22:35
Joyantika Express (717) Dhaka -Sylhet 12:00 19:50
Joyantika Express (718) Sylhet -Dhaka 8:20 16:00
Paharika Express (719) Chittagong -Sylhet 8:15 17:30
Paharika Express (720) Sylhet -Chittagong 10:15 20:00
Mohanagar Provati (721) Chittagong -Dhaka 7:00 14:20
Mohanagar Goduli (722) Dhaka -Chittagong 15:20 22:50
Uddayan Express (723) Chittagong -Sylhet 21:30 6:30
Uddayan Express (724) Sylhet -Chittagong 21:20 6:10
Megna Express (729) Chittagong -Chandpur 17:00 22:10
Megna Express (730) Chandpur -Chittagong 5:00 10:40
Agnibina Express (735) Dhaka -Tarakandi 9:40 15:20
Agnibina Express (736) Tarakandi -Dhaka 16:30 22:50
Egarosindhur Provati (737) Dhaka -Kisoregonj 8:10 12:15
Egarosindhur Provati (738) Kisoregonj -Dhaka 6:45 10:50
Upaban Express (739) Dhaka -Sylhet 21:50 5:30
Upaban Express (740) Sylhet -Dhaka 22:00 5:30
Turna Express (741) Chittagong -Dhaka 23:00 6:35
Turna Express (742)
Dhaka -Chittagong
23:30 7:10
Bharamaputra (743) Dhaka -Dewangong 18:00 0:10
Bharamaputra (744) Dewangong -Dhaka 6:30 12:15
Jamuna Express (745) Dhaka -BB_East 16:40 0:10
Jamuna Express (746) BB_East -Dhaka 1:10 8:10
Egarosindhur Goduli (749) Dhaka -Kisoregonj 18:30 23:10
Egarosindhur Goduli (750) Kisoregonj -Dhaka 12:45 16:55
Lalmoni Express (751) Dhaka -Lalmonirhat 22:10 8:20
Lalmoni Express (752) Lalmonirhat -Dhaka 10:40 21:05
Drutojan Express (757) Dhaka -Dinajpur 19:40 5:30
Drutojan Express (758) Dinajpur -Dhaka 7:40 17:55
Dolonchapa Express (767) Santahar -Dinajpur 13:30 20:30
Dolonchapa Express (768) Dinajpur -Santahar 5:40 12:20
Rangpur Express (771) Dhaka -Rangpur 9:00 19:00
Rangpur Express (772) Rangpur -Dhaka 20:00 6:15
Kalani Express (773) Dhaka -Sylhet 16:00 22:45
Kalani Express (774) Sylhet -Dhaka 6:40 13:25
Sirajgong Express (775) Ishurdi -Dhaka 7:45 15:10
Sirajgong Express (776) Dhaka -Ishurdi 17:00 24:00:00

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